Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The book Twilight Zone

OK, I'm officially getting weirded out (if that's a correct phrase) on how books are finding their way into my life.

On Oct. 29th I blogged about how my sister-in-law Grimmy wanted me to get the book Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Then a few days later we visit my other sister-in-law Hope and that's the very book she pulls out for us to borrow.

It sort of happened again.

This time I was at Borders on New Years Eve with Gayle, my stepmother-in-law. I saw this book titled 50,001 Baby Names and it caught my eye. I literally walked through the entire store carrying this book. When I get to the register I tell the cashier I changed my mind and am not going to get that book, just the other item I had picked up.

Last night we go to our friend Blanca and Ernesto's house to borrow some baby items and what does Ernesto pull out? You guessed it, 50,001 Baby Names! It was surreal. He said they had several baby name books but this one was the only one that had names in it they actually liked.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them?


SarahTakesPics said...

That's just neat! I've never had it happen with books. But I'll have people pop back in with an unusual phone call or email after having mentioned never hearing from them!

J said...

That happens quite a bit to me. I remember a few years ago, I was reading A Tale of Two Cities and then suddenly, everything I saw or read was about France, or the French Revolution. A Les Mis song would come on the radio, etc. It was weird.