Thursday, May 14, 2009

Painting the Baby's Room

(From 3/1/09)

Thank you Cristina, Adrian and Olivia for coming over to help John paint the baby's room! You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what we would do without friends like you.

I will post before and after pictures of the room once I've actually decorated it....Remember, I'm a huge procrastinator so it might be a while.

Congratulations Amanda and Ricky!

(From 4/4/09)

Amanda, my sister-in-law, and Ricky were married on April 4th in VA. We send our love and congatualtions!

We wish we could have been there but were afraid to travel so far in my 3rd trimester. Here is a picture of the happy couple!

Belly Pictures

(From 5/8/09)

Here are some maternity pictures we had taken at a studio and a picture John took that shows my true belly size!

Yep, that's me full term pregnant and I can still touch the floor without bending my knees. I can also do the Yoga Tree pose. I'm quite proud of myself because you're supposed to lose your center of balance when you're pregnant but I really haven't. I have no idea why my body is doing so well. I almost feel better pregnant than I did before. It must be those happy pregnancy horomones.

Due Date Came and Went

(From 5/14/09)

My official due date was May 11th and here I sit on the 14th waiting for the baby to arrive. I've had such an amazing pregancy and am definitly not rushing to induce labor. I feel really great and if she's not ready then that's fine by me. I've actually been getting very annoyed at my doctor's constant talk of inducing labor. They started bringing it up at 38 weeks, 2 whole weeks before my due date!

I can't help but get the feeling that they've just become so accustomed to scheduling c-sections and inducing labor that they don't want to have to be called in the middle of the night to go deliver a baby.

Braxton Hicks and Procrastination

(From 4/27/09)

I was sure I was going into labor on April 27th and went running to the doctor's office. I was cramping pretty badly and it was very frequent. Come to find out I was severly dehydrated and they were just Braxton Hicks. I guess it was good we had that false alarm because it really motivated me to finish up some OLD paperwork like legally changing my name!

Yep, I have procrastinated changing my name for almost 10 years. When I thought I was going into labor I started to cry because I realized the baby's birth certificate would have my maiden name and she would think we weren't married when we had her. So the following day I go to the Social Security office and hand the teller my marriage certificate from 1999 and my application for a name change. The lady just looks at me and says, "What happened, did you forget?". It was pretty funny.


(From 4/12/09)

We stayed at home for Easter and my mom, Grimmy and Josie came over in the evening. My mom did a little Easter egg hunt with Josie in our front yard that was so cute. Unfortunately Jesus was on call and had to work that day.

Baby Shower

(From 3/22/09)

A big Thank You to all who attended our beautiful baby shower. We had such a great time being with our friends and family.

Our little helpers. They are so cute!

And a big thank you to Blanca, Grimmy, Jennifer, Cristina, Chana, Maria, and Mariela for helping coordinate the shower and decorating the room. It was so beautiful.

My Birthday

(From 3/20/09)

Happy Birthday to me! Here I am with my best birthday gift yet, my baby belly!

Olivia and Alex partied hard and were ready to call it a night! They are soooo CUTE!!

Baby's 1st Bikini

I saw this at the store and just could not resist. I can't wait to see our little FL baby in her bikini at the beach or pool.

Pregnancy Brain

It's a true affliction and it reminds me of those commercials with the egg in a frying pan and the announcer saying, "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs." I've never done drugs (I'm a true nerd, I hate to admit) but pregnancy brain just has to be worse. Here are a few of John's favorite moments:

My hands were really dry and my knuckles were starting to crack. I apply hand lotion in the car and John starts to complain about how strong and awful my lotion smells. (For those that don't know he's all about soap and unscented deodorant and nothing else. He hates perfumes and scented anything) I start to defend my lotion while commenting that the lotion is burning my cracked hands. I pick up the bottle to read him the name of the lovely scent when I realize I had just applied SHAMPOO to my hands! Worse yet, I had been doing it for several days! It was one of those hotel samples that I had laying around the house. They're the perfect size for a purse and I was sure it was lotion. No wonder my hands were dry, I had been letting shampoo air dry on them. John almost wet his pants when I realized what I was doing.

We've had the same alarm code since we got married almost 10 years ago. One day as we walk back into the house I go to turn off the alarm and can't remember the code to save my life. I have all the right numbers but they are in the wrong order. After 3 failed attempts John calmly states, "Please, just step aside."

Our microwave has one of those radio buttons to adjust the timer. Spin it to the right to increase the time. I wanted to cook something for 90 minutes but the microwave seems broken. I yell out to John across the house that our microwave is 'skipping' from 59 to 100 and I can't cook my meal for 90 seconds. John replies, "You sure it's skipping and not just going from 59 seconds to 1 minute." Duh!!!!! Sad thing is, we've had this microwave for 6 years and I've never had this problem before.


(From 2/7/09)

Here are some pictures from Gasparilla 2/7/2009. My mom and I were supposed to go just to be in the Krewe of Mambi 10 year anniversary picture. As it turned out we were too late for the picture and decided to just jump on the float and do the whole parade. It was so much fun! Although since I was completely sober the parade seemed to last FOREVER. I never realized how much a few adult beverages really help the parade atmosphere. :)


(From 1/7/09)

I know this post is 5 months late but I just can't seem to move on without honoring Hope's memory. My awesome sister-in-law passed away on January 7th. For 5 months I've been thinking about what I could write as a tribute to her in my blog. I'm a horrible writer and I'm afraid to not do her justice.

So I will keep it simple and just say, "I love you and I miss you Hope." I'm sorry I'm not so great at the speeches and emotional sharing so I'll post a link to a few really awesome tributes. Please click on the person's name below for a link to their blogs. Check out Jake's heartfelt post, Jen's beautiful photo tribute, and Ann Marie's touching celebration recap.

Truth is, when it comes to subjects that really matter I'm usually speechless. I can BS w/anyone, anywhere but don't ask me to talk about something really important to me because I just clam up...even with John.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The book Twilight Zone

OK, I'm officially getting weirded out (if that's a correct phrase) on how books are finding their way into my life.

On Oct. 29th I blogged about how my sister-in-law Grimmy wanted me to get the book Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Then a few days later we visit my other sister-in-law Hope and that's the very book she pulls out for us to borrow.

It sort of happened again.

This time I was at Borders on New Years Eve with Gayle, my stepmother-in-law. I saw this book titled 50,001 Baby Names and it caught my eye. I literally walked through the entire store carrying this book. When I get to the register I tell the cashier I changed my mind and am not going to get that book, just the other item I had picked up.

Last night we go to our friend Blanca and Ernesto's house to borrow some baby items and what does Ernesto pull out? You guessed it, 50,001 Baby Names! It was surreal. He said they had several baby name books but this one was the only one that had names in it they actually liked.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

We hope you all had a great time ringing in another year. We ended going to be before midnight and slept right through it. That was the most relaxing way we could think of to ring in 2009. 8-)