Thursday, May 14, 2009


(From 1/7/09)

I know this post is 5 months late but I just can't seem to move on without honoring Hope's memory. My awesome sister-in-law passed away on January 7th. For 5 months I've been thinking about what I could write as a tribute to her in my blog. I'm a horrible writer and I'm afraid to not do her justice.

So I will keep it simple and just say, "I love you and I miss you Hope." I'm sorry I'm not so great at the speeches and emotional sharing so I'll post a link to a few really awesome tributes. Please click on the person's name below for a link to their blogs. Check out Jake's heartfelt post, Jen's beautiful photo tribute, and Ann Marie's touching celebration recap.

Truth is, when it comes to subjects that really matter I'm usually speechless. I can BS w/anyone, anywhere but don't ask me to talk about something really important to me because I just clam up...even with John.

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